Cohesive business plans

Joining the business dots

Goals and Initiatives clearly support strategic plans

Use our assessment to check where you are. Test for alignment across the workforce. Choose which area of support is needed.

Suitable for:

£1,195 + VAT : Direction support

£1,195 + VAT : Culture support

£3,495 + VAT : Execution support

What we do

Process And Framework​


Use the assessment tool to assess eight key areas for understanding and alignment across the team and workforce


Based upon the assessment output, choose which areas require focus and support: - Direction - Culture - Execution


Gain access to the facilitated consultancy framework and clarify and address any deficient areas into a cohesive strategic delivery plan


Assign and deliver the goals, projects and initiatves necessary for achieving the strategic plan The K2S framework then supports successful delivery and engagement.
Passion is what drives us

Create a success mindset across your workforce