The Problem We Solve

Too often, important stuff doesn't get done!

Despite detailed plans, skills, experience & knowledge, if employees don’t or can’t contribute, the results are clear …

Without consistent contribution, it's a world of lost opportunity

The right people are not always involved 

Hidden talent is overlooked & remains hidden 

Goals become just a downward cascade

People wait to be asked before participating

Initiatives are not always fully delivered 

Activity doesn’t clearly lead to results  

People become frustrated & disengaged 

don't fall into the trap

1. Cascading goals downwards to the next level (the usual approach for performance management).

RESULT: Overlooking people to the side, in other areas & teams, or even senior individuals (upwards) who may be well-placed to also significantly contribute.

2. Asking people to support or undertake a specific goal based upon their role.

RESULT: Failing to identify and access latent talent, knowledge & skills of others who should be well-placed to support.

3. Recognising & rewarding the owner of a goal once achieved.

RESULT: Failing to recognise & engage others that have been intrinsic in contributing to the goal because they weren't directly allocated it.

4. Allocating goals to teams & individuals at the start of the new working year.

RESULT: Goals & activities being worked on are outdated or misaligned as the world & needs change throughout the year.

5. Managers identifying & allocating who needs to work on a goal or initiative.

RESULT: People wait to be asked to contribute by their manager who will have a limited view themselves.

6. Limiting the involvement of others to stay focused, reduce distractions & maintain momentum.

RESULT: Creating a single point of failure (absence, leavers etc) & limiting wider perspectives that enable breakthroughs.