Our Mission

Make Success Repeatable

Give organisations and individuals, the opportunity to achieve the success they seek.

Why are some people successful & others not ....?

Back in 2010, this was a burning question that intrigued us. It lead us to look at many different types of success and over time, something startling emerged. Nine key elements that always seemed to be present in any successful journey. From this initial research, K2S was born where it has been subsequently used and enhanced with a variety of organisations all seeking to improve their ability to achieve success in goals, projects and objectives.


Our leadership team and experienced coaches support your success journey

John Cronin
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

The one that started this and keeps us focused
Matthew Lymbery
Chief Technology Officer

The one that makes the art of the possible, reality
Ian Chakravorty
Chief Commercial Officer

The one that ensures K2S is available to the masses
Craig Haslam
Chief Insight Officer

The one that ensures we keep learning
What people say about us
Passion is what drives us

Create a success mindset across your workforce