The Key to Success

The biggest difference between success or failure is .... our mindset

We all know how to be successful

We subconsciously achieve small successful outcomes every day. Walk the dog. Drive to work. Send an email etc. 

What if we could apply the same approach and thinking consciously for all goals, initiatives and new opportunities?

In 2011, we sought to answer one simple question:

Why are some people successful and others not when faced with the same circumstances?

Our research into differing types of success lead us to identify nine key elements, their sequence and interaction. The Key to Success (K2S®) framework was born and has subsequently been used across a variety of organisations to engage, align and achieve desired outcomes. 


Introducing The Key to Success (K2S®)

9 inter-related elements that when consciously addressed, create a Success Mindset.

Supported by a wealth of tools and guidance to ensure it can be applied by everyone.

Understand mindset

Quantifies the Success Mindset for any goal or objective.

Overcome challenges

Maintains momentum when faced with issues or obstacles.  

Collaborate effectively

Creates common thinking, language and points of reference .

Timely intervention

Quickly highlights the need for specific support and extra focus.  

Outcome driven

Ensures constant focus and drive for tangible measurable results

K2S® is being used for: