optimising Workforce Contribution

Enabling employees to contribute to their full potential

It's about getting stuff done!

Knowledge, skills & experience are of limited value without the willingness or ability to contribute.  Workforce contribution enables people to actively contribute to their full potential through:

MINDSET – being outcome driven with the passion to collectively contribute  

MANAGEMENT – easily approving, aligning & tracking every employee contribution

MEASUREMENT – quickly assessing everyone’s contributions & the business impact 


Supported through Goalign®
Enhanced with A.I.

Built around the K2S® framework

Goalign® has been built around K2S®. A unique framework for optimising employees contribution & mindset.
The K2S® Framework was developed through the desire to understand a success mindset & ability to contribute, so the important stuff gets done again & again!
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A flexible solution for every organisation

Whether it's mindset education, workshops, contribution management, focused content or coaching; Goalign® supports .
There is no one fit for all so a flexible starting point is vital. From enhancing a culture & mindset of contributing through education, through to embedding & managing this as part of the day-to-day, there is a starting solution for everyone.
Our solution

Practical support when needed

Designed for ease of use & the early identification of potential issues with access to specialised resources & extensive support
Clear dashboard & diagnostics ensure that every employee receives support when it is most needed. This is targeted from extensive content and A.I. interventions, through to access to experienced K2S® coaches.
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“Creating the environment & mindset where everyone can truly contribute enables amazing things to happen"

John Cronin
Subio Founder & CEO
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