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Goalign® – Goal Management with a difference



A fresh approach

We recognised the frustration that traditional goal management can easily become a ‘tick-box’ exercise. A top-down cascade, leading to a lack of employee understanding, alignment and engagement. The opportunity for individuals to truly contribute is significantly reduced. 

The result? Organisational goals are not fully achieved despite the best-laid plans. The cycle then starts all over again.

However, there is another way …

manage, support and ACHIEVE all organisational goals

Enhanced with A.I.
& some extra special ingredients

Built around the K2S® framework

The technology was developed using our unique K2S® framework enabling the adoption of a conscious success mindset
The K2S® Framework was developed through the desire to understand why some people are successful and others are not when given the same situation. It covers the 9 critical elements of a Success Mindset.
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Embedded learning & development

Our solution includes online employee K2S® learning with focused content & tools that can be applied to every goal
Our K2S® people-focused learning is flexible enough to accommodate all needs. From the ability to attend online cohorts with a real K2S® Tutor to accessing learning videos and content at the pace to suit each individual.
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Targeted support & interventions

Designed for the early identification of potential issues with access to specialised resources & extensive support
Clear dashboard and diagnostics help ensure that every employee receives support when it is most needed. Support is targeted from extensive content and A.I. interventions through to receiving help from an experienced K2S® coach.
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Built around K2S®
It all started with one simple question ...

Why are some people successful and others not when faced with the same circumstances? 

Our research back in 2011 lead us to identify 9 key elements that must be consciously addressed for success. 

The K2S® Framework was born and has been subsequently  enhanced with our Goalign® technology to deliver a day-to-day success mindset.

“By tapping into everyone's success mindset, amazing things begin to happen. The art is about making this conscious and consistent".

John Cronin
CEO Subio
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